week 5 – huerto movil

week 5 – huerto movil


The mobile garden is almost ready! We spent the last week on designing 5 modules made from recycled materials. We used what we could find, mostly old wood, plastic fruit crates and pallets.




Each of the five modules has its own function:

  • a shade giving hanging garden
  • an easily waterable vertical garden
  • an insect hotel (this one will hopefully be finished next week)
  • a guerilla unit for transporting tools, materials and plants (it can turn into a table or a bench)
  • a relaxation unit for gardening without leaving a comfortable chair (secret beer closet included)



Although some of the modules still need finishing, we used them during the monthly market to promote the Germanetes’ idea. Last week we handed out plants in recycled jars to local buisnesses and asked their owners to take care of them for a while. Using the guerilla unit we then collected the jars, each complete with a message from the plant’s caretaker.

have fun!

have fun!


On sunday we took two of the modules to a nearby school where we teached children how to make planters from plastic bottles. Each kid got a plant grown earlier from a seed in Germanetes. We encouraged the children to bring their plants to Germanetes after a few weeks to plant them and get familiar with the place.

The kids seemed to love our yellow guerilla module. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some of the plants again in a while, grown up and ready to go back to Germanetes.


For more news visit residency and mech.

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