week 4 – planting seeds

week 4 – planting seeds


The geodome may be Germanete’s most recognizable element, but it is the garden that integrates the community. Everything here seems to revolve around it. Almost every day crops are picked, cooked, replanted. Last week a DIY grill was built from an old steel barrel as an addition to the garden. There are plans to build a masonry oven. The only problem is that there is no space to expand with the garden. Together with the community we decided that the garden should bocome Germante’s symbol.


Anka gathering seedlings and information


As work on the mobile garden goes on, we need plants to fill it with. We organized a series of workshops revolving around growing and caretaking of vegetables. We invited neighbours for a weekend of planting seeds in raised planters. The idea was for everybody familiar with the site to bring someone who hadn’t been there before. After work we had lunch by the huerto (vegetable garden) followed by a game of soccer beneath the geodome.


raised planter



after work

As part of the information campaign we wanted to reach nearby neighbours. We thought the best way to get to them would be through the places they visit daily like shops, restaurants, workshops or bars.

We collected glass jars from people who usually come to Germanetes. We filled 50 vessels with soil and planted a vegetable seedling in each one. We made badges with the Troyan Horse logo and a short explanation of what Germanetes stands for. Each jar was then given to a local shop or bar where it will stay in a visible place for the next couple of weeks. The plants will later become part of the mobile garden. Each shop owner will have a chance to write a message which will be attached to their plant growing in the future garden.



cafeteria owner with his Germanetes plant

For more news visit residency and mech.

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