week 3 in BCA

week 3 in BCA

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After 2 weeks we think we finally know what’s going on here. The community is not as single minded as we thought. Some people want the authorities to build a school at 5000, others would like it to become a community garden. We met one person who would like to see everything turned into tennis courts.

What the people here do have in common is that they all want to be heard by the city council. They would also like at least part of the site, one way or another, to be left for public use.


Monster at work


What seems to be the heart and main idea of Germanetes is the vegetable garden. It’s beautiful. Many people of all ages take care of it. Every couple of days groups gather to prepare and eat what had grown in the huerto. A small extension was planted on the other side of the fence. Unfortunately a few days later it was destroyed by heavy machinery. In fact everything here is changing constantly, which makes our initial project completely unrealistic. The machines were supposed to finish las week. Instead they are still here and continue levelling the area. We managed to save some pieces of the old monastery floor. We want to use them later as part of an installation or event.

what's left of the monastery

what’s left of the old monastery


It seems that unpredictability is just a natural part of life here. We decided to make use of it by combining it with the energy of the Germanetes collective and their idea of creating a community garden.

We plan to build a modular mobile garden. This installation will allow a group of people to take over an unused piece of land in the city quickly and quietly. The garden will be easy to evacuate and move to any other location. The modules will be multipurposed and will also serve as educational units or guerilla gardening machines.

We have some heavy designing, material gatering and building ahead of us. Personally I (Janek) can’t wait!

Meanwhile we continue leading workshops and activities. Their goal is to let as many people as possible know about what is going on in Germanetes. This week we went to an elderly people’s home. With the residents we planted seeds for the future mobile garden and made pottery out of clay dug up in 5000. After the vessels dry, they will be fired and brought back to their creators for painting. They will become souvenirs in thanks for taking care of the plants.













For more news visit residency and mech.

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