week 2 – dragon blood

week 2 – dragon blood

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A dynamic situation

This week the situation at 5000 started changing rapidly. Heavy machinery appeared and started removing stones and rubble. The workers should leave after levelling the site. The local authorities refused to inform us about their plans for the next few weeks. We know that most of the site will eventually be built-up by two social apartment buildings and a school. Only a narrow green passage with a small garden will be left open for public use.


5000 last week

According to Departament d’Estadística Ajunt Barcelona (2010) there are 1.37 m2 of green spaces per person in the L’Esquerra de L’Eixample, Germanetes’ district. According to WHO this ratio should be 10-15m2/person.

The Germanetes community is questioning plans of raising buildings in place of the district’s potential green lung area. Instead they suggest putting to use some of the many empty structures built before the crisis. They would also like a better place for the school to be found.


Assamblea presentation


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Germanetes’ garden



We finally had the chance to meet our trainee and co-trainee. They turned out to be very well prepared and helpful. Berta and Eli are giving us a great hand at organising  materials and meetings, spreading the word around. They are very creative and have tons of fresh ideas.



mech, EliBerta and Germanetes


The battle begins

A few days ago Catalonia celebrated the day of its patron, Saint George. As far as we understand the legend, Saint Jordi was a knight who saved a beautiful princess by killing a dragon. When the beast was dead, its blood turned into a rose bush. The knight picked one of the flowers and gave it to the fair maiden (which makes him even more awesome).


Dragon’s lair

In memory of this flower-loving lady saver we led an attack on the dragon’s nest, which happened to be spotted in a rarely used and barren corner of our site. Fortunately  in Poland it is widely known that dragons like dead earth and hate plants, so life-giving seed bombs are the best way to scare them off. We gathered an army of brave young warriors who prepared inconceivable ammounts of bombs and chased the monster away.


Preparaing for battle

This great victory, glorious as it is, is only the first step in a long campaign to reclaim the dead wastelands of 5000. Our strategy (accepted last week by the Assamblea) is based on entering forbidden areas without physically being there and the secretive expansion of life. It is the quiet method of the Trojan Horse…




For more news visit residency and mech.




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