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Residency Toolkit

We’re so pleased with our toolkit and have received great feedback on how practical it is for artists and communities that are interested in using an artist residency in civic engagement work.
Thanks to Rich Franks at Blue and White Creative – we love the design and feel of the toolkit.

Download the printed toolkit (PDF format)

Toolkit - Book 1 - Planning Book #1: Planning (1.5mb)   Toolkit - Book 2 - Doing Book #2: Doing (1.5mb)   Toolkit - Book 3 - Reviewing Book #3: Reviewing (1.9mb)


Worksheets/Fichas Prácticas/Krok po kroku

UK flag

  1. Planning
  2. Doing
  3. Reviewing

Spanish flag

  1. Planificación
  2. Ejecución
  3. Revisión

Polish flag

  1. Planowanie
  2. Realizacja
  3. Ewaluacja