‘Stacja Nadawcza’ – construction

‘Stacja Nadawcza’ – construction

IMG_8739 copy Week 5  20.05. – 22.05

Together with the team we decided to continue our project on the ‘podwórko’ (courtyard) Okopowa / Gibalskiego 2-10.

Rather than moving to a different area we decided that it could be very interesting to do further action within the same yard and to deepen our relationship with the people who live there. During the process of making and interacting with ‘the steps’ we spoke to many people and heard a lot of interesting stories about the area, the courtyard and its past live. If felt there was a general negative image of the courtyard in comparison to how it was before. A few people mentioned a playground that had deteriorated and been taken away, there had been a rose bed, a sand pit and benches. Commonly people mentioned that nothing was possible to do now, because even if something was put back in place, no one would look after it and it would be quickly destroyed….

We thought it would be interesting to make these individual stories visible for other people. At the same time we wanted to do some more construction within the square, which meant being visibly active and able to talk to passers-by. One of our self-set tasks was to find out ‘what is possible here?’ The idea of the ‘transmitting station’ (stacja nadawcza) was born.

The stacja nadawcza is made from 7 wooden post/pylon structures that are connected by collected personal stories, handwritten on recycled banner material. We asked people from the square to tell us a personal story which describes a place of importance for them. Usually these places were outside of the square, outside of the city or from a past time. In this way personal feelings and atmospheres from outside of the courtyard were made visible and accessible on the ‘transmitting station’ inside the courtyard.

An intended side effect from stabilising the ‘transmitting posts’ was again a place to sit (without calling it a bench) and space for raised planter.

IMG_8695 copyIMG_8735 copy  IMG_8730 copy11263035_1600424873531778_1545550727296451161_n11162194_1600424573531808_6911613472271505193_n IMG_8697 copy  IMG_8717 copy IMG_8746 IMG_8709 copyIMG_8711 copyIMG_8759 copy IMG_8707 IMG_8764 copy



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