week 2       27.04. – 03.05.2015


To announce our presence in the neighbourhood we decide to plan our first intervention for week two: a participatory construction of an object in the courtyard of Gibalskiego 2-10 and Okopowa Street. The courtyard in our opinion has great potential for improvement and has a very local existing group we want to involve – the children from ‘swietlica’(after school club).

PreparationsIMG_7964 copy
IMG_8044 copy 29.04 – 01.05 Construction workshop with children from Świetlica making 3 steps re-using discarded furniture parts.

Part 1: Workshop (children)

– Collecting material from the bin areas (old furniture, wooden boards)

– Cutting found material to size

– Painting the timber boards (the planned themes like ‘bird perspective’, ‘catch a shadow’ weren’t in the end put into practise)

– Help screwing the structure together (one or two people at a time)

Part 2: Conversation (passers-by, parents, anyone)

– Talking to passers-by, collection of stories from Młynów and the courtyard history

IMG_8037 copy


IMG_8125 copy

IMG_8157IMG_8047 copyIMG_8060 copy

IMG_8077 copyQuestions asked: where and what do you do in Młynów, what do you like in Młynów, why are you and what do you do here, what is your favourite dish, what’s your favourite song?


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