‘Schody’ in action

‘Schody’ in action

Week 4 Wednesday 13th May

IMG_8564 copy IMG_8567 copy‘Portrait on the steps’ session.We decide to start in the early evening to try make contact with people who would come back from work at that time. Explaining our project and the residency and offering to take and send them their portrait, we are surprised how many people are happy to join in (mainly thanks to Zuza’s excellent communication skills!). Among others we photographed Agnieszka, Kacper, Xawery, Maja, Pola, p. Marcin i Kacper, Kuba, Oliwia, Nikola, Ola, Daria, Iza i Adam,Romuald, Monika, Paweł, Wiktoria, Bąbel, Maciej, Zofia, Kazio i Bartek, p. Albert, Paul, Rafał, p. Zdzisław, p. Marek i Amanda.

Click on photo for more:schodyportret_Amongst other courtyard stories we meet the man who owns the ‘private bench’ and hear that it will be placed (and locked) outside his staircase in the summer season, so very soon….




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