RESIDENCY: A Seminar Exploring Community Arts Residencies In The European Context

RESIDENCY: A Seminar Exploring Community Arts Residencies In The European Context

This week ( 16 September 2015) we are inviting partners, friends and participants involved in The Residency project to come together to learn from each other’s experiences and to celebrate the launch of the Residency Toolkit.

This event is an exciting opportunity to find out more about what makes a community arts residency work and how arts and creative tools can be used to promote participation and civic engagement.

The project teams from all three countries will share their projects and there will opportunities to learn about the benefits of this way of working and why it is an exciting way to promote empowerment and participation. We will be discussing some of the key concepts that have supported the residencies and the challenges they had to overcome in each country context.

As part of the Seminar participants will have a chance to meet the project teams and discuss ideas and experiences. One of the key questions for the project has been how artists and community members gain appropriate training and support for developing arts projects that promote civic engagement. As part of the event we will be launching the Residency Toolkit, a practical guide for supporting community arts residencies. Everyone attending the Seminar will receive a copy of the Toolkit in return for agreeing to test it out in their communities or on their projects.

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