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Week 8  Friday 12.06.

‘Podwórkówka’ from 6pm

Our residency is coming to an end. We wanted to bring everyone together in the place where we had spent most days over the last 8 weeks and celebrate all the new acquaintances and friendships, the conversations and time spent together. The initial idea of a ‘simple’ grill party with food and music was quickly extended. Together with the team, people from the Partnership, Świetlica, local inhabitants and Daniel from the scout’s ‘evening acitivity place for teenagers’ we made a plan of action for the evening. On the list of attractions are:

Official opening of the ‘Transmitting Station’ (with the new planters), music, grill with lots of sausages, slide show of the residency process in the darker forest area of the yard, trampolin, book swap table (suggested and organised by local inhabitants), buffet with everyone’s contribution from the ‘coś za coś’ flower/plant swap activity the week before, badminton, boule, Paul’s photo activity (participatory re-enacting scenes taken from Wola archive photos), local photo competition ‘What’s interesting in Gibalskiego St’….

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Mrs Basia and Mrs Marysia (left) from the senior’s club are the first time in the yard.

Thank you Dorota Gorczyca-Woźniak for the beautiful photos. Here are some more: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204281297128788&set=a.10204281291448646.1073742081.1119287530&type=1&theater

Reflection. The whole evening was very moving. A lot of people turned up to join us. The planned activites were successful and the athmosphere was very heartwarming and friendly. People were sitting down by the newly planted flowers at our ‘Transmitting Station’ or were reading the personal stories that were ‘transmitted’. Even the ‘private bench’ was activated by its owner and friends who were happily joining the event from a distance, coming over once  in a while for another sausage. A lot of children were enjoying the trampolin, badminton, boule while other children and adults were happy to join Paul’s photo re-enactment activity. Some who hadn’t been around during the construction of the steps watched the slides of the making workshop. IMG_9188 KopieWe met Janek of the spanish team who had just finished their residency in Barcelona. We had a chance to discuss the different settings and communities our projects were based in and exchange ideas and reflections from the residency. The Podwórkówka was a great way to sum up everything that we tried to make happen during our residency over the last intensive weeks in the yard. Speculating on the resonance of the residency and its aim to motivate civic engangement we see the event as an important starting point for future positive interaction and change. When at 21.45 the most amazing thunderstorm started to perform and a heavy summer rain soaked us when we had just cleared the square, everyone left smiling and with positive memories. Positive energy for the neighbours’ next podwórko action, we hope!

Sadly, next time (probably) without us. We are very thankful to having been able to meet so many genuinly amazing people and hope to stay in touch and visit everyone soon!

Examples from Paul Bargetto’s photo action:11412397_1609002556007343_7746987860822477829_n 11402948_1609002559340676_1401258692047768842_n11537812_1613626685544930_8416993882492411467_n11295925_1613626698878262_361326953689636154_n 11232997_1613626702211595_3799553250829966500_n 10644807_1613626695544929_1070899017338172011_n

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