Plattformer in Młynów – first meeting with the partnership

Plattformer in Młynów – first meeting with the partnership


It was the first meeting the Plattformer collective  with the Partnership “Młyn na Woli” and with Młynów at all. The meeting took place in “Świetliki” the after school club on Gibalskiego street and  almost all the partnership organisations were present there. After their presentation Nina and Tim told more about the activities of the Plattformer collective, on how they engage the people from various communities, about ways to adapt unused places and re-evaluating the original meaning of these places.

A important part of the meeting was a discussion about the needs of Młynów and ideas on cooperation of the Partnerships with Plattformer. There were some interesting ideas which, we hope, will be the beginning of our future work with Młynów residents.
1th meeting with Partnership

1st meeting

After the meeting we had a first walk around Gibalskiego street. Our guide was Miss Ela – one of the most active residents of the street.



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