Meeting at the ‘Golden Age Club’ and Choir Rehearsal

Meeting at the ‘Golden Age Club’ and Choir Rehearsal

Week 3  Tuesday 5th May

With Zofia and Agnieszka meeting with a small group of seniors at the ‘Klub Złotego Wieku’ (Golden Age Club) on Młynarska Street 35A. Over a cup of tea we find out more about the local history and people’s personal stories. Most of them used to work in one of the factories situated in the Wola area. Among others those were the radio works ‘Kasprzak’, the ‘Rosa Luxemburg’ factory (producing light bulbs) and the ‘Wola’ dairy plant (now ‘Danone’). We also talked about pre-war Wola, about the Uprising, about non-existent places and buildings, about the bazar ‘Karcelak’ and the nearby fairground. Pani Basia promised to bring old photos for our next meeting.11212776_1592585207649078_3752435130689112993_nIMG_8426

In the afternoon we have the great pleasure to join the choir ‘Cheerful Autumn’ (Zespół ‘Pogodna Jesień’) rehearsal.11205178_1592759500964982_121048795684305555_n


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