How to include excluded groups in Barcelona context

How to include excluded groups in Barcelona context

At the beginning of the month of September Germanetes was selected as the host organization. We don’t have a written document with this decision, but we have a e-mail chain that we have been using to settle team meetings and the follow ups of the different activities. In the workteam established by the Host organization participate:

  • Laia Ferragut
  • Adam Gawron
  • Roger Pujol
  • Guillermo Rojo
  • Georgina Rosell

This team has expressed their disposition to collaborate during the process of delivering the residency. The community starring group meeting have place every Thursday.

The criteria used for the Host organizations selection was already mentioned in the 1b section of this document.

We want to emphasize the implication from the members of the host-organization on the progress. We considered important to include two of them (Laia Ferragut and Adam Gawron) on the study Visit in Stoke-on-Trent, with the rest of the staff and research team.

The excellent participation of the host-organization have permitted organizing a participatory workshop to imagine the Residence, and the selection of the community artist. This workshop will be organized on the general assemble of the host-organization; its objective is to include the participations – engagement of people who usually do not, improving the inclusion.

Furthermore, we are working on a specific participation plan with the community steering group, to include the groups that are excluded from the projects.

We want to involve as many people from Germanetes as we can on the selection process, so we decide to make a workshop with the assemble;

In this workshop were involved the UB (Universitat de Barcelona) Team and people from Germanetes.
In the workshop the participants had to read different information about the artists and punctuate them by the pre-established criteria.
In this workshop, after receive the punctuation from everyone, 4 of the candidates were chosen because of their global valuation.
The workshop lasted 1:30 hours, everyone was involved and give us their opinion; after the election, the group ask some questions to make to the artist

We also want to include other groups out of the Germanetes and Art I Barri network. We want to work in a participation plan with the work team established with Germanetes (Commission work team).


We have to plan also, how to take profit of this opportunity of Art Residency, with this dissemination about Germanetes project we can promote the network and extend that to another communities that can be involved in this project.

We are opening new ways to work together, and expand the networks to other associations, groups and people who can be interested in participate with Germanetes or with the project.

We prepared also a dissemination plan, to promote the participation of everyone who wants, to the residency and promote the inclusion of another groups, we send the information through the community arts network (Artibarri), Germanetes, and different associations that are linked with it.

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