‘Coś za coś’

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‘Coś za coś’

Week 7   02.06.- 03.06.2015

‘Something for something’ – a neighbour exchange experiment

start: Tuesday 02.06.2016, 18.00 – 20.30

where: in the courtyard Gibalskiego 2-10 / Okopowa


We decide to organise a ‘Podwórkówka’, an evening courtyard bbq event at the end of the residency. Rather than us preparing and providing everything, we want to try and get the local people involved in the process. For two evenings this week we hand out plants and ask for/ suggest something they could offer in return. With this ‘exchange’ we hope to engage people more in their local neighbourhood and in the things that are happening (and could happen) in their courtyard.

Proposed exchanges were for example:

1 herb plant (mint, bazil, oregano) in exchange for a cake or another dish for the ‘Podwórkówka’ or helping with the organisation of the event

1 Aksamitka/Tagetes in exchange for 2.5l compost for the planters (which are to be built as part of the ‘transmitting station’ during the following week) or another plant for the planter

1 Sanvitalia in exchange for fruits or vegetables for the event or bringing a neighbour to the ‘Podwórkówka’ or coming with your own chair or an idea for personal involvement at the ‘Podwórkówka’ (for example photo documentation) ….IMG_9010 copy IMG_9015 copyKarol offers to document the ‘courtyard party’ in exchange for his mint.

11168125_1604871689753763_3128029919616392122_nIMG_9031 copy

11406977_10204239156915309_668432762995955612_nIMG_9028 copyIMG_9030 copy IMG_9026 copyIMG_9120At the end of the second day we are surprised. We didn’t expect such a good turn out. Altogether we collected around 70 exchanges that were written down on a list we left hanging on the steps. Most of them were to do with bringing food or drinks for the ‘Podwórkówka’ next week. We also received a bag full of earth for the planned planters that we plan to built into the ‘Transmitting Station’ by the end of next week. Some people were asking how we were going to make sure people would bring what they said and we answered that it worked on trust only and that we’d trust them. The activity lent itself to advertise the event in itself. We were happy we met again new people from the neighbourhood and were able to tell them about the residency and invite them to next weeks’ courtyard party.

Meanwhile, the ‘Transmitting station’ in the centre of the courtyard is growing. We manage to write down and collect more personal stories during the ‘neighbourhood exchange’ action. Thanks to our keen helpers the wooden structure gets its first protective coat!11109291_1603083646599234_6565208020295856285_nAndrzej, Zuza, Bąbel i Wiktoria



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