RESIDENCY: A Seminar Exploring Community Arts Residencies In The European Context

This week ( 16 September 2015) we are inviting partners, friends and participants involved in The Residency project to come together to learn from each other’s experiences and to celebrate the launch of the Residency Toolkit.

This event is an exciting opportunity to find out more about what makes a community arts residency work and how arts and creative tools can be used to promote participation and civic engagement.

The project teams from all three countries will share their projects and there will opportunities to learn about the benefits of this way of working and why it is an exciting way to promote empowerment and participation. We will be discussing some of the key concepts that have supported the residencies and the challenges they had to overcome in each country context.

As part of the Seminar participants will have a chance to meet the project teams and discuss ideas and experiences. One of the key questions for the project has been how artists and community members gain appropriate training and support for developing arts projects that promote civic engagement. As part of the event we will be launching the Residency Toolkit, a practical guide for supporting community arts residencies. Everyone attending the Seminar will receive a copy of the Toolkit in return for agreeing to test it out in their communities or on their projects.

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week 8 – study visit

Our residency is over and we’re back in Poland. We met plattformer Nina in Warsaw and went to the English team’s final party.

During our last week in Barcelona we were busy preparing for the study visit. We created an exhibition telling about our project, the history of Germanetes and participatory art.

Participants of the study visit planted seedlings signed with their names in the Germanetes’ garden. They also wrote messages on pieces of the old monastery floor which we managed to save weeks before. We want them to be used as floortiles in the planned outdoor kitchen.

The visit’s main event was arranged as an all day series of workshops, discussions, debates and meetings with many differet organizations, groups and people involved in participatory art.  Then there was the epic Troyan Horse show, t-shirt making workshops, watermelon soup, singing, dancing and no sleep.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the study visit.




the troyan horse show



discussion / workshop


watermelon soup!


writing messages on the remains of the monastery’s stone floor


t-shirts making workshop








presenting the residency


final debate

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5th week trainee

14th – 21st of may 2015

We are planning an activity with children from a splai around Germanetes. The idea is to put some plants besides the trees to make the streets in the neighbourhood a nicer place through games. Twenty children from seven to eleven years came to Germanetes on saturday 16th to do the activity. We all have fun preparing the activity. While doing it some neighbours came and ask about what we were doing, showing us interest about it and being grateful to us for doing that.

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week 6 in Barcelona


This week we were using the Mobile garden to lead workshops for childrena and for elderly people.

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3rd week trainee

Getting ready for the farmer market!

This week I helped to prepared the little plants, putting them on recicle pots to give them to the people who accepted to look after them. I added a label to each plant with information about Germanetes and the project.

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2nd week trainee

Many things are happening this second week!

Many things are happening this week. The space is constantly changing! We make the first activity for children on St. George day. It was very good and there were lots of children. We had to change the activity on the last moment because some operators were working with machines at the ground. This was not expected… but we could change it at time! We made a ball and put inside some seeds. Our hands ended up very dirty, but it was funny to see lots of people with dirty hands! After doing the ball, we went to the park just close to Germanetes where we did a dragon with some rope, and children where ready to give the seeds ball to the dragon!


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week 5 – huerto movil


The mobile garden is almost ready! We spent the last week on designing 5 modules made from recycled materials. We used what we could find, mostly old wood, plastic fruit crates and pallets.

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week 4 – planting seeds


The geodome may be Germanete’s most recognizable element, but it is the garden that integrates the community. Everything here seems to revolve around it. Almost every day crops are picked, cooked, replanted. Last week a DIY grill was built from an old steel barrel as an addition to the garden. There are plans to build a masonry oven. The only problem is that there is no space to expand with the garden. Together with the community we decided that the garden should bocome Germante’s symbol.

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week 1 – first impressions

5000 seen from Germanetes

Hola todos!

We’re Anka and Janek from mech.build. We came to Barcelona last tuesday. For the next two months we’ll be working as artistic residents with the University of Barcelona and the local community of Espai Germanetes.

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How to include excluded groups in Barcelona context

At the beginning of the month of September Germanetes was selected as the host organization. We don’t have a written document with this decision, but we have a e-mail chain that we have been using to settle team meetings and the follow ups of the different activities. In the workteam established by the Host organization participate:

  • Laia Ferragut
  • Adam Gawron
  • Roger Pujol
  • Guillermo Rojo
  • Georgina Rosell
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How did we chose Barcelona host organization

One of the objectives was establish a collaboration base with the network Artibarri , the Residency project was proposed on the ordinary assemble from this network, this one served for presenting the project and identify the first opportunities of collaborative work – open a call to let groups – projects, show them interest in host participatory-art Residency. This assemble was on 15th January 2014.

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Investigation with excluded groups (Barcelona context)

The steps followed to identify the experiences, proceed and excluded groups that could benefit from the implementation of an art positive residence, started by an initial mapping. This served for the identification from the principals stakeholders, namely, art and cultural institutions, foundations, networks and other stakeholders in the region of Catalonia, and in particular in the city of Barcelona.

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