week 8 – study visit

Our residency is over and we’re back in Poland. We met plattformer Nina in Warsaw and went to the English team’s final party.

During our last week in Barcelona we were busy preparing for the study visit. We created an exhibition telling about our project, the history of Germanetes and participatory art.

Participants of the study visit planted seedlings signed with their names in the Germanetes’ garden. They also wrote messages on pieces of the old monastery floor which we managed to save weeks before. We want them to be used as floortiles in the planned outdoor kitchen.

The visit’s main event was arranged as an all day series of workshops, discussions, debates and meetings with many differet organizations, groups and people involved in participatory art.  Then there was the epic Troyan Horse show, t-shirt making workshops, watermelon soup, singing, dancing and no sleep.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the study visit.




the troyan horse show



discussion / workshop


watermelon soup!


writing messages on the remains of the monastery’s stone floor


t-shirts making workshop








presenting the residency


final debate

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week 7 – Preparations for the study visit



While continuing work on the Garden modules, we keep on leading workshops. Their goal is to bring neighbours together and encourage them to visit Germanetes.

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week 6 in Barcelona


This week we were using the Mobile garden to lead workshops for childrena and for elderly people.

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week 5 – huerto movil


The mobile garden is almost ready! We spent the last week on designing 5 modules made from recycled materials. We used what we could find, mostly old wood, plastic fruit crates and pallets.

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week 4 – planting seeds


The geodome may be Germanete’s most recognizable element, but it is the garden that integrates the community. Everything here seems to revolve around it. Almost every day crops are picked, cooked, replanted. Last week a DIY grill was built from an old steel barrel as an addition to the garden. There are plans to build a masonry oven. The only problem is that there is no space to expand with the garden. Together with the community we decided that the garden should bocome Germante’s symbol.

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1st week trainning

The beginning of the project!

I was so excited when I received the mail confirming that I were selected to be part of the community art project Recreart! Next day I meet Anka and Janet (artist from Polonia) with Silvia (from the UB) in a friendly way, and they explained to me their ideas and motivation for the project.

I spend the first week meeting people from Germanetes, knowing the space and participating in the general assamblea, where Anka and Janek introduced the project, the activities and ideas they have been thinking about. They did it with an original presentation presented in a big cardboard!

So, after a few meetings with the people from the university, the ones from Germanetes and our artists from Polonia, I am now working on the first activity to do on Thursday 23th, called “combat el drac!”, which is related with the day of Sant Jordi, and its history.

Our little “art” team met last saturday 18th to talked about the organization of the workshop and to distribute all the task. We accorded how to do the activity, which consist on preparing seeds bombs that will be throw in the 5000 space, from a big door, without getting into the space. The activity is directed to children, so we created a poster and spreaded it to different schools around the neighbourhood.


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week 3 in BCA

z_MG_0031 (2)

After 2 weeks we think we finally know what’s going on here. The community is not as single minded as we thought. Some people want the authorities to build a school at 5000, others would like it to become a community garden. We met one person who would like to see everything turned into tennis courts.

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week 2 – dragon blood

zIMG_0101 (3)

A dynamic situation

This week the situation at 5000 started changing rapidly. Heavy machinery appeared and started removing stones and rubble. The workers should leave after levelling the site. The local authorities refused to inform us about their plans for the next few weeks. We know that most of the site will eventually be built-up by two social apartment buildings and a school. Only a narrow green passage with a small garden will be left open for public use.

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week 1 – first impressions

5000 seen from Germanetes

Hola todos!

We’re Anka and Janek from We came to Barcelona last tuesday. For the next two months we’ll be working as artistic residents with the University of Barcelona and the local community of Espai Germanetes.

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