5th week trainee

5th week trainee

14th – 21st of may 2015

We are planning an activity with children from a splai around Germanetes. The idea is to put some plants besides the trees to make the streets in the neighbourhood a nicer place through games. Twenty children from seven to eleven years came to Germanetes on saturday 16th to do the activity. We all have fun preparing the activity. While doing it some neighbours came and ask about what we were doing, showing us interest about it and being grateful to us for doing that.

During the weeks, I have been collecting the lasts plants from shops with the help of some people from Germanetes. At the end we have got all the plants!

I have collected the emails from shops to introduce them into the Germantes email list to send them the information about what we are doing here and invite them to join us!

After the first activity in a nursing home, we decided to do another one where we painted the things they did and shared some memories. We created a very sensitive environment and some tears were fallen. We recorded their voices when they share a memory to us.

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