3rd week trainee

3rd week trainee

Getting ready for the farmer market!

This week I helped to prepared the little plants, putting them on recicle pots to give them to the people who accepted to look after them. I added a label to each plant with information about Germanetes and the project.

I have been doing the spreading of the mobile garden with the help of other people from Germanetes. I did a map where we match the shops that want to be part of the garden looking after a little plant for a few days. By this action we used the plants as a message to let the people around the neibourhood know the space Germanetes and the project residency, and also is a way to invite them to participate in the mobile garden.

Designing a poster was a creative work useful to communicate the event that we were planning for the farmer market.
Appart of that, a women offered to run an activity about plants, and a group of young people met in Germanetes at 12 o’clock to learn a little bit about some gardening. It was so interesting, and after that we all shared food while we talked about the project and the activities. This was the perfect way to learn, meet and work together for the mobile garden.


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