2nd week trainee

2nd week trainee

Many things are happening this second week!

Many things are happening this week. The space is constantly changing! We make the first activity for children on St. George day. It was very good and there were lots of children. We had to change the activity on the last moment because some operators were working with machines at the ground. This was not expected… but we could change it at time! We made a ball and put inside some seeds. Our hands ended up very dirty, but it was funny to see lots of people with dirty hands! After doing the ball, we went to the park just close to Germanetes where we did a dragon with some rope, and children where ready to give the seeds ball to the dragon!


At the same time, we were preparing an activity for seniors. This workshop was a bit different because it took place in a nursing home instead of Germanetes ground. In that way, we wanted older people with mobility difficulties to be able to collaborate with the project without moving from their places. All this kind of activities was planned together in University meetings.

We met the social worker of the nursing home to adapt the workshop to their needs, and they were very happy with our proposal.


Finally, the day of the workshop was very exciting because grandparents were very grateful. The workshop consisted in creating a ceramic flowerpot and planting on it. We show them some techniques to make the flowerpot and they did their own design of the pot. After that, seeds were planted and we put water in. They knew very well how to take care of plants so they told us many things about plants and about their lives during the workshop.


We will meet them again in a second session of the workshop and also we will collect the plants with their names to put in Germanetes orchard.




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