First week in Młynów

First week in Młynów


During this week we had individual meetings with all the representatives of Partnership’s organisations. We were guests of the Social Welfare Center of Wola on Bema street, the Municipality Office of Wola district, the Workshop of Therapy by Activity, the Senior’s Club “Klub Złotego Wieku“, the Municipal Police and Children from a former GPAS group nearby. We had conversations about our further cooperation and their engagement in future actions by Plattformer in Młynów. Each day we had some walks around Młynów in search of ideas for activities.

The ‘brama’ (gate) is the entrance to the yard between Okopowa and Gibalskiego street. Two years agoduring the football championship some of the residents brought TV and chairs into the space to watch matches.

The lack of benches makes people creative. Someone put found pieces of old furniture on the small steel structure normally used to dust carpets.




Playground on Gibalskiego Streetplayground













Ławka (eng. bench) is a problem in Młynów. Excepts for parks, there is no benches between yards. People start to make some places for sitting or put their own benches outside. The lack of places for sitting is a result of conviction that the bench is a place for drinking. This is a topic that should be discussed.

Agnieszka Dragon

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